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About Pain

Men and animals have suffered PAIN from time immemorial. PAIN protects individual from harmful situations and prevents further injuries. Sometimes PAIN itself can become a problem creating its own disability. Any person who has suffered from PAIN knows its power. The person loses mobility to the extent that even minor movement can further increase the PAIN which leads to serious consequences.

Types of PAIN

Any painful condition can be treated with these modern approaches:

  1. Degenerative pain due to bad habits of posture as well as addiction of  tobacco, alcohol etc.
  2. Low / mid backache-sciatica, PAIN after surgery of spine, physiologic abnormalities of spine which give rise to painful spine, and other spinal nerve problems
  3. Cervical Spondylosis / Listhesis / Degenerative Bone Loss
  4. Arthritis – Osteoarthritis, Rh. Arthritis
  5. Headache – Migraine / Cluster Headache / Cervicogenic Headache / Many more...
  6. Cancer PAIN
  7. Myofascial Pain-Torticollis, ligament pains (sprain)
  8. PAIN due to reduce blood supply to limbs-vascular pain
  9. Any PAIN lasting for more than six months and not relieved by conventional treatment.


Methods of PAIN relief & Approach to PAIN management

The complex nature of these chronic disabling conditions can be attacked effectively through combinations of various disciplines, i.e. Pain education, Anaesthesiology, physiotherapy, psychotherapy. We view chronic PAIN as a disease process and not a symptom

  • Education and advise about PAIN issues (PAIN killer addiction, emotion, anxiety, depression, coping with pain, rehabilitation advice, medication review).
  • Advice and instruction on exercises and stretches.
  • Medications: Tablets, Injections Transdermal Patches, Infusion Pumps, Alternative Herbal Medicine
  • Nerve block by epidural injections, Facet Joint Injection, Transforaminal Injection, RF Injection.
  • Alternative therapies such as massage, yoga, relaxation training, acupuncture, acupressure and many more.